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From the desk of Stephen & Jennifer.

How To Get A Millionaire’s Brain For Limitless Success?

Dear reader,

The life we all get is what we make it become either consciously or subconsciously. Most people arn’t happy with how their life has become, totally unaware that they created the life they are experiencing today. Before you disagree with me let me explain why I am right.

We all have a brain with two minds. A conscious and a sub-conscious side. When we were growing up10703652_4693273065096_9213460993983013977_n until the age of about 6, we were open to absorbing information from our peers. Our parents, teachers and other authority figures as well as the media.

Our conscious mind sees the world around us and processes tens of thousands of information every second. The subconscious mind stores most of that information so that it has a point of reference upon a course of action next time the same information is processed. After age 6 and to the present day, we are then controlled 95% of the time by our millions of times more powerful subconscious mind without being aware that we are working on auto-pilot. Only 5% of our lives are we working with our conscious mind.

Therefore any past programs that may have served us well up to age 6 are still dominant even if those programs no longer work in our best interests. Will power can at best only overcome them for a very limited short period before we fall back on past habits again. The conscious mind cannot overcome it’s million times more powerful subconscious side using will power alone.

The good news is that it is possible to re-program your subconscious mind to work for instead of againstSubconscious v Conscious mind 6 your desires to change and improve your life. To do that you have to follow a proven method that few people know about. This is where “Millionaire’s Brain” from Winter and Alvin comes to assist you and why it is essentil if you want your life to make you an unstopable success. Finally get everything you’ve ever wanted without merely wishing it could happen but making it instead.

Discover why the subconscious mind controls our everyday lives and why that is mostly a good thing. Find out how past hidden programs effect what you do in given situations and what to do when those actions are working against your best interests? Finally break down those road blocks to unlimited freedom, wealth and also improve your health and relationships. Finally become the person you were born to be instead of the one you were made to become for the self interests of others who care little about you if at all?

At last you will know why a few people have unlimited wealth, success and freedom while most peopleSubconscious v Conscious mind 1 struggle all their lives working very long hours doing what they hate just to keep a roof over theit heads and survive another day? Some of those with the power and wealth are controlling you and almost everyone on the planet for their own not your benefit. The old “work hard and get ahead” myth has long ago been proven to be a lie for most of us today.

You don’t have to work hard all your life to become free and able to do and get whatever you desire. Instead you just have to work smarter. The poor work for money while the rich build networks. They get others like you and me to do all the work which makes them richer and keeps all of us just over broke dependant upon that so called career/job. Fear makes people afraid to seek another better way. They fear failure yet by doing nothing else they have already failed.

Overcome your fear and step out of that comfort zone of mediocrity that the vast majority willingly settleSubconscious v Conscious mind 3 for and instead discover a world of limitless possibilities waiting for you to take advantage of them. So the question is are you going to educate yourself to them or like most people continue to live in ignorance blaming everyone and everytrhing for their lack of success?

You must start to think and act differently in order to get different, better outcomes into your life. The first sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing you’ve always done expecting to get a different result? The only way to change your future life is for you to change by following the steps outlined in the “Millionaire’s Brain” and be the unstopable you that you were born to become instead of another drone making someone else richer while keeping you poor.

Now you know the facts it is time to act. Get yourself moving towards greater freedom and limitless possibilities that no employer will ever allow you to achieve unless it is in their own self interest? Surely your self interest should take priority? So what are you waiting for? Get started on designing your new future lifestyle today and thank me later.

Stephen & Jennifer.

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