All About Me & Why I Created This Website?



I created this website because I am a firm believer in creating the life we desire rather than settling for the one we didn’t? We created the life we have so it stands to reason that we can change it to become the way we desired. Our thoughts and reactions to events we can control but not what we cannot have created our present circumstance. If we change the way we think and what we do, we will create a different and better future by design.

If we do nothing, nothing will change and we will keep getting the results we don’t want. We have one brain but two minds. We have a conscious mind and a subconscious creative mind. We think we are thinking but 95% of every waking hour we are working on auto-pilot due to our past internal programs. When we drive a car, we do many tasks without having to consciously think about every action?

When we go to sleep, our conscious mind also switches off but our creative subconscious mind never sleeps as it keeps all our life functions working such as breathing and our heartbeats for instance. Dreams are our creative mind at work too.

Our creative mind as I’ve already said works on past programs which were set in our childhood so we are adults working on the mind of a child. This is why some past programs no longer serve us and we need to change the programs to create better outcomes that serve us better today. The problem is that the creative mind is designed to resist change and will power alone cannot make a lasting improvement?

That is where the book this website is about is so vital if life is not the bed of roses and freedom it could have become. The wealth of life changing information is worth far more than the asking price which could increase for those who hesitate to take action to change their lives. how can unlimited freedom and wealth have a price consideration?